Dementia Awareness


564 000 Canadians are living with dementia. This illness is not easy for those who have it or those who support them. This website has a wealth of information, personal stories, and helpful tips on how to live with dementia. For a more local resource, please visit this site, which caters directly to those in the Ottawa Valley.

Unfortunately, many with dementia have issues surrounding eating and drinking. Visit this site to get more information.

Of course, dementia will affect a person’s ability to remember important dates. which is difficult for both the individual suffering and those special to them. Here are a few tips to assist with this issue.

Memory cafes are safe places for people affected by dementia to gather and talk about their experiences. For a little bit more information, check out this page. For local memory cafes, visit our website’s ‘What’s Going On’ page regularly and check out your township’s website.

51 thoughts on “Dementia Awareness

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