Frozen Meals Menu

☐Macaroni Meat Casserole ♣ 

☐Beef Stew

☐Traditional Beef Pot Roast ♣ 

☐Salisbury Steak

☐Chopped Swiss Steak

☐Meatloaf in Mushroom Gravy

☐Liver and Onions

☐Veal Parmesan 

☐Beef Stroganoff

☐Chicken a la King ♣ 

☐Turkey with Stuffing ♣ 

☐Sweet n’ Sour Chicken ♣ 

☐Country Chicken

☐Chicken Cacciatore ♣ 

☐Roast Chicken ♣ 

☐Pork with Stuffing

☐BBQ Rib Style Pork Cutlet

☐Fish Florentine 

☐Fish & Chips

☐Sliced Beef with Gravy

☐Salmon/ Lemon Sauce ♣ 

☐Vegetable Lasagna 


Griffith Farms Menu

☐BBQ Meatballs with Rice (3 meatballs)

☐BBQ Pulled Chicken (2 servings)

☐Beef Barley Soup (16 oz)

☐Cabbage Rolls (2 servings)

☐Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Vegetables

☐Chicken Casserole with Cubed Potatoes in Gravy, and Mashed Carrots

☐Hamburger Soup

☐Homestead Chili

☐Honey Garlic Meatballs with Rice 

☐Lasagna Rolls (2 servings)

☐Liver & Onions with Potatoes 

☐Macaroni & Cheese

☐Maple Baked Beans (1 pound)

☐Maple Squash Beef Casserole with peas

☐Meatloaf with Rice & Vegetables 

☐Minestrone Soup (16oz)

☐Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans

☐Shepherd’s Pie (5 inch)

☐Spaghetti Bake (5 inch)

☐Minced Pork Patty with Orange Glaze, Rice Pilaf, & Green Beans