Who can use the Eganville & District Seniors?

The Eganville & District Seniors is open to men and women in the Municipalities of Bonnechere Valley, North Algona/ Wilberforce, the Bromley portion of Admaston/ Bromley, and the Alqonquins of Pikwakanagan. 

Who Is Eligible to Receive Home Support Services?

Home Support Services are available to:

  • Senior citizens (65 years or older) who are frail or in need of the service due to health, isolation or other reasons.
  • Individuals with a disability who cannot access the service elsewhere.
  • Individuals who are convalescing from an illness or injury.
  • Other individuals who require the service due to financial constraints, inability to access services elsewhere, or other reasons that may be deemed eligible at the discretion of the Association, and where funding is available. 

Meals on Wheels (MOW)


The Eganville & District Seniors Association (EDS) has partnered with the Rio Tap & Grill, a local restaurant, to deliver meals every Tuesday and Friday to clients in the surrounding area. Volunteer drivers deliver the meals right to the doorstep of MOW clients. The meals include soup or salad, a bun and dessert with every main course. The meals are very accommodating to personal preference and also consider dietary intolerances. Diabetic desserts are offered with no sugar content, and the meal components are very interchangeable. Including all costs involved, it costs us $13 to provide each meal but, due to generous donations from organizations like the Eganville Rotary Club and local individuals, it only costs clients $7. Veterans Affairs typically covers the cost for veterans. The meals are delivered in our service area but if an individual wishes to purchase MOW and lives outside this area, special accommodations might be made.  


Clients must be over the age of 65 or disabled to sign up for this service. If interested, provide the staff with all the necessary medical information as well as any food allergies or special diet requirements.

Frozen Meals 

Frozen meals are an alternative or complement program to our MOW services offered by EDS. There are a variety of frozen meals offered, including beef, chicken, pork, fish and vegetarian. These meals also include- potato, rice or pasta, and a vegetable. There are over 20 meals available, all microwave and oven friendly. The frozen meals also have a variety of options – diabetic, low cholesterol, salt free, as well as an option for pureed meals. Meals can be ordered individually or in bulk and cost $6 each. Pureed meals must be ordered in bulk, at a minimum of 10 meals per order.


Transportation Services

Transportation services offer both in town and out of town drives for medical appointments, grocery shopping, banking and personal errands. A volunteer driver will pick clients up at a pre-determined time at their home and will return them home once the trip is complete. The EDS asks that clients to provide a minimum of 24-hours’ notice. Clients are to reimburse volunteer drivers for the use of their vehicle. For local trips under five kilometers, clients reimburse the driver $5.00 with $1.00 for each additional stop, plus any expenses incurred, unless the client requires a subsidy. When a trip is over 5 kilometers, the client reimburses the driver using the pre-arranged rates, with $5.00 for each additional stop, plus any expenses incurred, unless the client requires a subsidy.

For subsidy information, please contact the EDS staff. An application and assessment will be required.


Diners’ Club (Currently on hold due to COVID-19)

A local caterer, accompanied by entertainment or speaker, joins the EDS staff and guests once a month. The themed lunches are a great way to spend time with friends and to make new ones. Meals include meat, vegetables, potato/rice/pasta and dessert. Diners’ Club is held the first Wednesday of the month. The January Diners’ Club is held the second Wednesday of the month, with no Diners’ Club in August. Transportation to the Diners’ Club can be provided if requested by the client. There is a $13 cost associated with each meal that covers the expense of the catering company. 

If a regular participant wants to invite someone for their first Diners’ Club, the meal is free for the guest.


Home Maintenance

Services offered include;


  • Grass cutting
  • Hedge trimming
  • Gardening
  • Minor repairs
  • Light house cleaning

The home maintenance program is a referral service – clients contact the EDS and put in a request for the job they wish to be completed and the EDS will then contact volunteers that are capable of completing the task required or requested. The
EDS then exchanges contact information between the client and the volunteer to work out the specifics such as date, time and place. Wages may vary depending on the job that is required, and that is to be discussed between volunteer and


Tax Services

Clients drop off their paperwork at the Echo Centre as soon as possible during tax season and then a police-checked volunteer creates the tax application. When the tax application is finished the EDS notifies the client to come and pick it up at the Echo Centre. 

In order to be eligible for this service, individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation. Individuals assisted by the program include:

                  ·        Indigenous Peoples

                  ·        Newcomers and refugees

                  ·        Persons with disabilities

                  ·        Seniors

                  ·        Youth/ students

                  ·        Homeless and housing insecure individuals

                  ·        Individuals with a modest income


Social & Safety

The regular contact provides not only the opportunity to chat about community news and events, but also provides a safety check for the client. Clients will contact the EDS to set up an appointment, with dates and times that work for them and a volunteer will be notified. This provides seniors that are lonely or restricted to their homes a friendly voice to talk to or visit. There is no cost associated with this service. Clients are asked to inform the volunteer or the office as soon as possible if they will be away at the prearranged time of their Social & Safety call or visit. 

Through the Social & Safety Program, the EDS assists clients by providing information on a variety of issues, and can promptly forward them to the appropriate services or program. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances befall individuals, and legal or professional help is required. The EDS has the resources to get clients in touch with the proper authorities to address the situation accordingly.