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Social & Safety

The regular contact provides not only the opportunity to chat about community news and events, but also provides a safety check for the client. Clients will contact the Echo Centre to set up an appointment, with dates and times that work for them and a volunteer will be notified. This provides seniors that are lonely or restricted to their homes a friendly voice to talk to or visit. There is no cost associated with this service. Clients are asked to inform the volunteer or the office as soon as possible if they will be away at the prearranged time of their Social & Safety call or visit.

Through the Social & Safety Program, we assist clients by providing information on a variety of issues, and can promptly forward them to the appropriate services or program. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances befall individuals, and legal or professional help is required. We have the resources to get clients in touch with the proper authorities to address the situation accordingly. 

If you would like to be part of this program, or know somebody who would benefit, please reach out to discuss!