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AC Units/Fans

The Echo Centre has initiated a stay cool movement! Thanks to a donation from Home Depot and Rural Ottawa South Support Services the Echo Centre is offering air conditioning units and fans. Stay cool this summer! Please contact the Echo Centre if you, or someone you know may benefit from one of these units.


The Echo Centre has a wide variety of tablets that are a wonderful resource to stay connected. Our Lending Hub also offers a Computers Are Fun class to help teach clients how to use these tablets or tablets of their own! Contact the Echo Centre to get a tablet loaned to you.

Walking Poles

If you are interested in going for a walk around town or even a hike through Algonquin Park, walking poles may be great for you. Walking has been proven to increase cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, with those things in mind the Echo Centre has walking poles that are ready to be loaned out. Contact us if you would like a demo from our certified instructor.


Biking has been proven to be a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility and muscle strength and flexibility. Our Lending Hub has bikes to help clients stay fit and active. If you are interested in getting a bike loaned to you please contact the Echo Centre.


Exercise is harder to maintain in the winter, but the Echo Centre has something to help you out! Snowshoes are a great way to get out walking in the wintery months and the Lending Hub has snowshoes ready to be loaned out! Please contact the Echo Centre to request a pair.